How Probiotics Can Help With Yeast Infections


One of the best treatments for a yeast infection are probiotics.  A yeast infection is caused by Candida, a fungus that actually is present in the body naturally. When its levels get upset for one reason or the other, then a yeast infection will occur. Some people think that yeast infections are only found in the vaginal tracts of women. Not true. Yeast infections can be found in the throat and on the tongue and mouth, on the skin and in the gut.

People with reduced immunity for any reason (e.g. HIV, diabetes) are likely to suffer a yeast infection. And so are people who have had their levels of Candida upset by internal (illness for instance, or taking antibiotics) or external factors (even hot, humid weather can cause a Candida imbalance). This occurs more frequently in women than in men, unless it’s caused by an autoimmune disease when the frequency is equally likely in both men and women. In healthy women it’s caused by contraceptives, antibiotics or just illness. Sometimes, it will just occur. It will be mostly in the vaginal tract and can be terribly uncomfortable and hard to cure, especially if you do not know what it is. In men it will attack their scrotal area as well as the urinary tract, and may manifest on the penis too.

When it attacks the throat and mouth, a yeast infection will show up as a white layer. Your mouth, throat and tongue are generally supposed to have a healthy pink color. If you notice a white layer, or white patches, then it’s likely that you are suffering a yeast infection.

How do probiotics help With Yeast Infections?

Probiotics are healthy, friendly bacteria that exist in your gut. In women, they exist in the vagina as well and to the urinary tract in both sexes. Probiotics naturally discourage fungal infection – they are there to arm your body from infection and disease. When you suffer a yeast infection, it’s very likely that your probiotic levels have gone down and need to be replaced.

Lactobacillus, or lactic acid bacteria is the one that is active in preventing and treating yeast infections. It is commonly found in yoghurt, but other probiotic containing foods may have it as well. Remember probiotics do not come in isolation – if a type of food generally has probiotics, it will have many different strains of friendly bacteria.

A study published in 2000 in the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, it was found that vaginal candidiasis has increased worldwide due to lack of enough lactobacilli bacteria in women’s bodies.

A regular intake of probiotics will ensure that you do not suffer yeast infections. They can be very nagging – highly recurring and hard to treat. Yoghurt comes recommended. Garlic as well. It is loaded with probiotics that restore candida to its proper levels. It’s recommended that other than taking them as part of your diet, you also apply them directly to the affected area. A clove of garlic placed into the vagina daily will cure a yeast infection in a matter of days, for instance.

If you have a genital yeast infection, its best to avoid sex at the time so that you don’t pass it onto your partner. And if you unknowingly do, because yeast infections can take time to manifest, load them up on probiotics as well.

Remember that kids get yeast infections too, not of the genital area but of the tongue and mouth usually. Keep children on a regular probiotic loaded diet.

The best way to ward off yeast infections though is to make sure that you regularly eat probiotic foods or take probiotic supplements as they have concentrated probiotic strains.



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  1. Cindi says

    Best article I have found yet addressing probiotic related to irritation of the vaginal area. Thank You!

  2. lise lorquet says

    Did you try the garlic clove? that is the first time I see it suggested… I can’t help being skeptical. However, if that works it certainly is a cheap cure. Probiotics supplements do not come cheap. Nice to hear alternative solutions that can be found in daily diet.

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